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  • Employee Handbook for Child Care Centers

"Employee Handbook" - Policy Kit


Product Description


The intent of this kit is to give you a format with which to build your very own handbook that fits your center and your needs. The kit includes a CD disk that allows you to pull the policies up and change the things necessary to tailor your handbook to your center. You can add or delete policies as you see fit.







D. Employee Handbook  
  Introduction D-1
    YOUR CENTER NAME Mission Statement D-1
    About These Guidelines D-2
  General Guidelines  
    At Will Employment D-3
    Nondiscripmiation Policy D-3
    Affirmative Action D-4
    General Provisions D-4
    Americans with Disabilities Act D-4
    Students with Disabilities and Section 504 D-4
    Qualifications for Employment D-5
    Staff Selection Procedures D-6
    Employment of Family Members D-6
    Classifications D-7
    Volunteers D-7
    Children of Employees D-7
    Employee Classifications D-8
    Introductary Period D-8
    Subsequent Introductary Period D-9
    Personnel Records D-9
    Personnel Information Changes D-9
    Facilities and Property D-10
    Employee Personal Items/Materials D-10
    Center Master Calendar D-10
    Reimbursement of Employee Expenses D-11
    Use of YOUR CENTER NAME Vehicles D-11
    Key Control D-11
  Compensation and Review  
    Employment Catagories D-13
    Fair Labor Standards Act Applicability D-13
    Wages and Salaries D-14
    Overtime D-14
    Training Wage D-15
    Payroll Deductions D-15
    Pay Periods D-16
    Payroll Advances D-16
    Conferences D-16
    Performance Evaluations D-17
    Compensation Adjustments D-18
    Promotions D-18
    Transfers D-19
  Work Schedule Policy D-21
    Weekly Schedule D-21, 22
    Time Cards D-23
    Breaks D-24
    Non-Paid Lunch Period D-24
    Employee Classification for Benifits D-25
    Health Insurance D-25
    Holidays D-26
    Continuting Education D-26
    College Class Conversion D-26
    Childcare Benifit D-27
  Employee Temporary Leaves and/Or Absences  
    Catagories of Absences D-28
    Pre-Arranged Absence and PTO D-29
    Paid Time Off (PTO) D-29
    Accrual of Paid Time Off D-30
    Calculating Pay for Paid Time Off D-31
    "Pre-Arranged Absence/PTO Request Form" D-31
    "Request for Paid Time Off Form" D-32
    Call-in/Sick Leave D-33
    Tardiness D-34
    Job Abandonment D-34
    "Employee Absence/Tardy Form" Policy D-35
    Temporary Leaves D-36
    Vacation Leave D-36
    Sick Leave/Medical Leave D-36
    Maternal and Paternal Leave D-36
    Bereavement D-36
    Jury Duty D-37
    Military Leave D-37
    Federal Family & Medical Leave D-38
    Extended Leave without Pay D-38
    Domestic Violence Leave D-39
    Other Personal Leave D-39
    Reinstatement Following "Extended Leave w/o Pay" D-40
    Leave Sharing D-40
    Inclement Weather D-40
  Employee Safety and Health  
    Ocupational and Sagety Health Administration (OSHA) D-41
    Worker's Compensation and Employee Incident Reporting D-41
    Work Related Injuries D-41
    Workplace Violence D-42
    Harassment and/or Threats from Non-Employees D-42
  Personal Conduct  
    Dress Code D-43
    Solicitation/Distribution D-44
    Cellular Phone Policy D-44
    Personal Phone Call Policy D-44
    Public Relations D-45
    Media Inquires D-45
    Confidentiality D-45
    Considerations when Dealing With Gossip D-46
    Conflicts of Interest D-46
    Outside Employment D-46
    Conduct with Clients D-47
    Non-Compete Clause D-47
    Child Abuse Reporting Policy D-48
    Sexual and Other Forms of Harassment D-49
    Conflict/Problem Resolution D-50
    Grievance Procedures and Appeal D-50
  Substance Use and Abuse  
    Smoking Policy D-51
    Alcohol D-51
    Illegal Drugs D-52
    Drug and Alcohol Screening D-52
    Disciplinary Action D-52
  Disciplinary Action and Termination of Employment  
    Unacceptable Activities/Causes for Termination D-53
    Firearms, Knives and other weapons D-53
    Termination of Employment D-53
    Resignations D-54
  Additions and Changes D-55
G. Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse G-1
Y. Employee HandBook Forms  
    Employee Absence/Tardy Form YY-01
    Pre-Arranges Absence/PTO Request Form YY-02
    Request for Paid Time Off YY-03
    Report of Job Accident YY-04
    Employee Incident Report YY-05
    Employee Greivance/Appeal YY-06
    Sick Leave Letter YY-07
    Time Sheet YY-08
    Exit Interview YY-09ab
    Continuation of Health Coverage YY-10ab
    Volunteer Application YY-11ab
    Employment Application YY-12ab
    Employment Application (2) YY-13ab
    Request For Training YY-14
    Education Requirement YY-15
    Education Information YY-16
    Transcript Request YY-17
    Mandatory Reporter Statement YY-18
    Criminal Record Statement YY-19ab
    Staff Emergency Contact Information Sheet YY-20
    Emergency Contact List YY-21
    Authorization of Payroll Deductions YY-22
    On-Duty Meal Period Agreement Form YY-23
    Basic Serverance Agreement and Gerneral Release for At Will YY-24a-c
    Non-Compete Agreement YY-25
    Employee Benifits Survey YY-26
    Resignation Form YY-27
    Employee Childcare and Payroll Deduction YY-28
    Employee Record Information YY-29
    Handbook Acknowledgement Form YY-30





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