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  • Health and Safety Manual for Child Care Centers

"Health and Safety" - Policy Kit


Product Description

The intent of this kit is to give you a format with which to build your very own handbook that fits your center and your needs. The kit includes a CD disk that allows you to pull the policies up and change the things necessary to tailor your handbook to your center. You can add or delete policies as you see fit.





Transportation/Field Trip  
Field Trip Checklist L-077
Field Trip Student Roster L-078
Field Trip Permission Slip L-079
Field Trip Permission Slip (2nd Example) L-080
Field Trip Notification L-081
Field Trip Summer Permission Slip L-082
Driver Information Slip L-083
Vehicle Maintenance Record L-084
Transportation Saftey - Vehecle Maintenance L-085a-b
Daily Vehicle Inspection Record L-086
Vehicle Service Schedule L-087
Saftey/ Health  
Playground Checklist L-088a-b
Helpfull Telephone List L-089
More Helpful Telephone L-090
Fire Drills/ Smoke Detector Battery Check L-091
Fire Extinguisher Locations L-092
Emergency Procedures L-093
Chart Emergency Situation Procedures L-094
Bomb Threat Checklist L-095
Diaster Plan L-096
Recommended Acident Evacuation and Emergency Plans L-097
Life Threatening Emergencies L-098
We Are a Well Center! L-099
Health Alert L-100
Illness Alert L-101
Medication Labels L-102
Incident Report L-103
Ouch Repost L-104
Expired Medication Pick-up Form L-105
Authorization to Give Medication L-106
First Aid/Meds Daily Log L-106
Daily Log of Accident, Injury, Emergency, Illness, Infestation L-108
Weekly Med Grid L-109
Symptoms of Illness Notification L-110
Child Health Alert Log L-111
Employee Health Alert Log L-112
First Aid/Med Duties L-113a-b
First Aid Daily Guidlines L-114a-b
First Aid Weekly Guidlines L-115a-b
Request for Exemption to Immunization L-116
Arizona School/Child Care Immunization Law (Insert Your State) L-117a-b
Guid to the Requirements of the Immunization Law L-118ab
Health Alert- Head Lice L-119a
Health Alert - Acute Bacterial Menigitis L-119b
Health Alert - Chicken Pox L-119c
Health Alert - Conjuctivitis (Pinkeye) L-119d
Health Alert - Respiratory Synctilla Virus (RSV) L-119e
Health Alert - Fifth Disease (Slapped Cheek Disease) L-119f
Health Alert - Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease L-119g
Health Alert - Ringworm L-119h
Health Alert - Roseola L-119i
Health Alert - Scabies L-119j
Health Alert - Scarlet Fever and Step Throat L-119k
Health Alert - Impetigo L-119l



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